Two babies coming this summer!

This will be a blog to share our story of being pregnant at the same time! First baby due July 16, 2014, second baby due August 13, 2014.


Two babies coming this summer!


3 thoughts on “Two babies coming this summer!

  1. Mary Phillips~Soriano says:

    Great blog RJ. Its so beautiful the way you are so descriptive that it makes us readers feel a part of your process. Isn’t it amazing how the Universe works. This was absolutely the time for you both to support each other and have the first set of first set of “twentieth century twins” most of us that love you had only heard of these type pregnancies via TLC a baby story 🙂 We are so happy for both of you and blessed that you are willing to share your experiences.

  2. Kim says:

    Thank you for sharing your story and journey. Your family is beautiful. It encourages my wife and I that this is possible for us. You two are inspiring! There are not very many same sex couples that are sharing their journeys with others. So thank you!

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