Lacking to write 

I rarely it seems have time to do much anymore which is perfectly fine. But today as I have two toddlers napping I decided to write. Logan is 14 months in a few days and Leo 12.5 months. Both walking around like crazy, telling me what time it is…. When it’s food time Logan says “cheese”. I’m beginning to believe this is her word for “food”. When it’s nap time they run to the bedroom door and Leo gets a little wimper. When they want to go for a walk they will go over to the stroller. They’re amazing in every way. They teach me every day to attempt to be more patient and kind. Leo will run over and ask me to pick him up, just so he can lay on my chest for a moment and then scatter off to a new adventure. Logan has learned to hug, so she will grab her brother and embrace him.

Right now I’m home with them 99.5% of the time. The other .5 is the rare moments when I get a minute to myself to go to target and wonder the isles, or read the newspaper.

Both kiddos are healthy and full of energy and we are so lucky in so many ways. I believe I’m happiest it worked out this way (having two babies), because they have each other. Siblings often forget in their age the love they feel for each other as children. Their built in friends. I hope they have each other for a long time, and always can count on each other.


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